Hooklift Truck Services


AMW RORO open-top container in the sizes of 10, 20 and 40 cubic meter are most suitable for bulky non-compactable waste as generated by production and industrial companies.

Upon notification by clients, AMW trucks will replace the full containers on the spot. Our large fleet of hook-lift trucks guarantees a quick and professional service for the replacement of the containers.

AMW portable compactors are recommended for premises which generate large volumes of dry or wet waste.  This system entails the supply and installation of a motorized refuse compactor at the client’s premises.

AMW portable compactors have storage container capacities of 10 to 20 cubic meters. The refuse which is deposited into the compactors is compacted and it is common to achieve a waste compaction ratio up to 5:1.

As the compactors are self-contained, watertight (wet version) and fly-tight, dry and wet waste is handled in a sanitary and hygienic manner.